Your recording was wonderful.  I listened on the way to the exam each morning.  It helped me block everything else out and get focused and relaxed at the same time.  The lady on the recording is so soothing - I LOVE HER.  No, really - I want to have this lady  in my life everyday if I ever have to go into court.  She's so nice.  She's so soothing. She's so positive....I wish I had her all through the FIRST bar prep.  I woulda passed the first time with this lady!  (passed Feb. 2009)

Jen H., Norhtern California

I was devastated when I learned I had to have my appendix out 4 days before the bar.  I had ordered your program about two weeks before the bar.  I listened to them while I studied, at night, when I first awoke just as your plan directed.  I often found my self falling asleep while listening even the night after my surgery.  No pain medication required.  The morning of the exam I listened to the 5 minute recording.  I immediately became relaxed and confident.  Once I arrived at the test center and found my spot I began to feel a wave of anxiety wash over me.  I closed my eyes and could hear your tapes playing in my head.  I took a couple of deep breaths and felt the anxiety wash away.  I could hear the sounds of the ocean and as each wave washed upon the shore it carried away my tension and stress with it leaving me relaxed and feeling confident no longer anxious  I was so focused and was ready to have some fun!

The exam was much more relaxed, as I read each question I knew exactly what I needed to do.  The rules came at me so fast I was amazed.  The last question on the last day was corporation which I had hoped wouldn't be on the exam.  To my amazement I remembered enough rules to get through the question.  It was by far my weakest area but I felt confident that I wrote a passing answer.  The best part of all, I didn't panic.

Thank you for your program.  I wish I had known about it the first time I took the bar!  My nerves kept me from being able to focus and write logically.  My thoughts were scattered and my essays lacked any logical and natural flow because I couldn't keep up with the disorganized and random thoughts that raced through my mind.  Your program changed that.  I was able to remain calm throughout the exam even when those around me were loosing it.  Because my nerves were in check I could relax and focus.  I was able to reach into the subject folders anytime and the information was all there.  Issues were easily spotted and the rule just came naturally. 

Rebecca R., Corona, CA

Your recordings, etc., were a great help to me. I found I was able to remain calm and confident when I went into the exam. It was the first time these feelings entered the exam room with me! I listened to your recordings for several weeks before the test and I followed the instructions you gave; I listened to my personal cd every night before I went to bed at my hotel room and I listened to the 5 minute recording before every test session. And, this time, I PASSED!!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  There is no question in my mind that PowerDreams was the difference.

Steve D., Santa Monica, CA

I just wanted to touch base with you both and tell you THANK YOU again for everything that you did for me while studying for the Bar!!!   It sure was a trying time for me the last 2 weeks before the exam and the PowerDreams recordings helped to keep me focused and as calm as I could be (considering the circumstances)...

Valerie D., Los Angeles, CA

This is a great way of taking the work that I have already done (on a character), and focusing myself on (really) feeling it and exploring different aspects of my character’s personality.

Anonymous, Key to Create/Acting

I think it is lovely that I could find other emotional things in (my character’s) background

Anonymous, Key to Create/Acting

It's a good tool because it gets me out of left brain analysis/doing your intellectual work, and then into a right brain zen kind of thing. It got me in the zone.

Anonymous, Key to Create/Acting

The process allowed me to access full emotional memories, it was very full. I would consider using it much more than a book because it allows me to do inner work.

Anonymous, Key to Create/Acting

I liked it a lot. I could really pick apart my character, I saw the face and the stubble...

Anonymous, Key to Create/Acting