FAQ overview

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, we offer a payment plan on several of our suites of recordings. Generally, these plans allow you to pay in three installments. Specific plan details and pricing are provided on the purchase page for each suite.

Does it matter if I am on a Mac or PC?

You can easily download and play the files on either a Mac or a PC.

How do I know it works?

The sound technology has been around since the early 1930s and has more than 70 years of solid research behind it. In recent years, it is being increasingly used for treating ADD, learning disorders, autism, PTSD, PMS, chronic fatigue and pain, depression, hypertension and other disorders.  Visualization, or guided imagery, has been used for thousands of years and has been proven effective in everything from performance to health. It is well known that Olympic and professional athletes use visualization to achieve top performance. Increasingly, visualization is being used in the medical field to speed recovery in a variety of patients with serious conditions, including those undergoing cancer treatment, and in the professional field to allow people to achieve peak mental performance and access deep creativity.

I can't find the MP3s I downloaded. Where are they?

This depends on your operating system and how you have set your system up to save files downloaded from the internet but you will generally find them in your "Downloads" or “Saved Documents” folder.  If you are still experiencing problems finding the files, contact us at support@powerdreams.com.  

I didn't get an email in my inbox with my download links. What can I do?

Make sure that you entered a valid email address and check your junk or spam folder to see if the email was mistakenly directed there. If you entered a valid email address and have still not received the links, please email us at support@powerdreams.com or call 310-910-9383.

I don’t have time to do one more thing!

You don’t have time NOT to do this.  Listening to our recordings for 20-40 minutes per session (length depends on the recording), ideally multiple times a week, will increase your productivity and enable you to achieve the goals you want to achieve with a velocity you could not otherwise reach.   Much like an exercise program, once you set aside the time for the program, you will find you have much more energy so your remaining time is spent more effectively and you wont miss the time you’ve allocated to the recordings. 

I love these recordings and want to share them with my friends. How can I transfer the files to them?

We are so happy you are enjoying the recordings! Since they are protected by copyright laws, it is illegal to transfer or copy them. Because of the beats imbedded in the recordings, they actually lose some of their effectiveness when copied and we can’t be certain your friends will derive the same benefit you did. We do offer a generous affiliate program through which you can earn credit for referring your friends. For more information or to become an affiliate, click here.

If I don't like your recordings, can I return them and get my money back?

Yes! We believe in our products and truly want them to help you. That said, if they aren’t your cup of tea, we have a 30 calendar day “no questions asked” policy during which we will happily refund your money.  

Is this safe? I don’t want anyone doing weird things to my brain!

Yes, this is 100% safe.  Sound in brain training has been  used for centuries and there is extensive research showing that not only is it safe, it is profoundly beneficial.  Note:  While brainwave training is 100% safe for the average, healthy individual, people who are pregnant or those prone to seizures should always take special care of their health and should consult a doctor to confirm their particular situation does not expose them to any unique risk.   Also, these recordings cannot be used while operating a motor vehicle. 

It appears the files will not download to my computer. What can I do?

Right click on the link, choose "save target as", then choose the location on your computer where you would like to save the file. Once you have completed saving the file, find this location and double click the file. It should then begin to play on your computer.

What if I don't have stereo headphones? Will the recordings still be effective?

You can listen to the recordings through regular speakers and will certainly gain some benefit from use in this manner. However, the brainwave entrainment used in the recordings are considerably more effective when used with stereo headphones. In fact, you can increase the effectiveness of the recordings by using stereo headphones designed with bone conducting technology which are widely available on the internet.

When I listen to some of the recordings, I hear something weird in the background, almost like a helicopter. Is it supposed to sound that way?

Yes, these "choppy helicopter sounds" are intense isochronic tones imbedded in the recordings and they effectively bring your brain to the desired state.  When you listen to the recordings through stereo headphones, the "choppy sound" is less prominent and tends to blend into the rain/music.

When should I listen to your recordings?

Each suite of recordings comes with its own set of instructions.  Please consult the “How It Works” section or the email that delivered your download link for the instructions on most effective use of your set of MP3s.

Who are you? Why should we listen to you?

PowerDreams was founded by a certified hypno-therapist and a practicing attorney who has passed the bar in three of the hardest states (NY, CA and MA).  In addition, our actors scripts were written by actors who have had recurring roles in television, worked commercially, worked internationally and are members of SAG and AFTRA.   Our writers scripts are written by writers who have written feature film screenplays and television pilots. And, our entrepreneur scripts were written by women launching a new business.

Why is this any better than just meditating on my own?

We have set our visualizations/meditations to a sound technology that will bring your brain to a certain frequency in just 6 minutes.  It takes monks years of meditating to be able to achieve this speed of control over their brain frequency.  By listening to our visualizations, you will be able to achieve exponentially more quickly.

Why should I use this instead of taking a live class?

This product is an inexpensive way to supplement expensive live classes.  It will also allow you to go much deeper in your preparatory work out of the comfort of your own home, without relying on other people, their schedules, etc..  It literally helps you exercise your brain.  It is not a replacement for either class but is an incredible supplement that will dramatically change the results you otherwise would have had.