Custom Corporate

PowerDreams is pleased to offer custom corporate lines through our Peak Professional Performance Consulting arm.  These lines are created based on the unique needs of your company and the members the team whose performance you are seeking to boost (e.g., sales, customer service, operations, etc.).  We can tailor these recordings to your desired performance metrics.   Depending on your company’s needs, this set may include some version of the following:

Goals and Accomplishments™ provides a tangible pathway for your team to reach both their professional and personal goals.

Day of Productivity™ increases your team’s daily productivity and encourages thinking outside the box.

Client Meetings™ encourages constructive meetings and flourishing client relationships.

Life Balance™ establishes a great work environment as well as a thriving personal life and balance between the two.

Leadership & Initiative™ fosters the charisma, leadership and initiative necessary to succeed in today’s corporate environment.

SleepSounds™  brings the brain to a delta frequency to induce a much needed restful nights sleep to process your work.

RiseN’Shine™  gently but quickly brings your brain to a motivated, focused and energetic state to start your day off right.