cd_case_actorsOur “Key to Create” suite offers a full line of creativity enhancing recordings such as:

Creating Compelling Characters™ allows the actor to literally step into the shoes of the character and take a journey through key moments in that character’s life, such as important relationships and family memories, pride, secrets, humor, fear and more.  The actor gets to experience and do the usually left-brained homework of “who, what, when, where, why and how” in a stimulating right-brained creative way. 

The complete set includes: 

Creating Compelling Characters™  (described above) PLUS......

Journey Through the Moment Before™ lets the actor build a vivid moment before by experiencing the events and the people leading up to and surrounding the moment before in a natural build, guiding the actor right to the point of where the scene begins with maximum emotional involvement.  The actor can then choose to continue right into the scene or be guided out of character.

Nailing the Audition™ takes you through a detailed experience of both a successful commercial and a theatrical audition and helps establish the mental muscle memory for future success.

Connecting to Your Lines™ establishes a firm connection to the subtext of your script as well as increases your ability to memorize the lines and make them fully your own.

StudySounds™ brings your brain to a highly focused state while you study your script, profoundly impacting your ability to connect and retain.

SleepSounds™ brings the brain to a delta state to induce a much needed restful night's sleep to process your work.

RiseN'Shine™ gently but quickly brings your brain to a motivated, focused, energetic state to start your day off right.

Relax, Refresh, Renew™ takes you through a deeply relaxing journey and creative exploration, bringing you to an open, relaxed state where your senses are heightened, awake and inspired.

Character Cleanse™ walks you through a cleansing process to shed old characters you are no longer working with, as well as any limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you.


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